[N-O] Grid Wide Sport Fishing Game 

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*** This is a NO COOKIE web site ***
I do not collect, store, save, use any cookie type information or browser time/location/type or anything during normal web page access!
The Competition web pages uses a loop feedback system within the web page to know which page to display to you.
It does not store/recall anything back from your browser in any way.

	This is a not for profit project.
All money from sales is used to provide customized trophies for the weekly winners as well as rebuilding mesh items for the game.

I am not a web page designer or expert in php so these pages are under constent improvement.

I am a security expert, this system has not yet been breached even with daily attacks.
Any attempt at unlawful activity on this system is logged and automatically reverse traced back.
All evidence is then forwarded on to relivent cyber crime departments.

North Crannock (SecondLife)
This online game collects some data to enable it to run. Follow this link for a full GDPR statement.

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